Andrew Nguyen, D. O.

What You Want to Know
Spending almost my entire life in Orange County, I am ecstatic to serve the communities and people who raised me. Coming back to Newport Beach after training made the only sense from a personal and professional standpoint. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with close friends and familiar faces.

I believe that healthcare is just as personal as it is professional. It is impossible to work with someone through their health without knowing their unique aspects of their lives. I am proud to partner with my patients and offer a truly tailored healthcare experience that revolves around the doctor-patient interaction and not around policy and bureaucracy.

What’s Interesting
I love cars. To drive them only and appreciate their craftsmanship. I can’t fix cars… At all. My most memorable one was a Mercedes S65 AMG Convertible. I currently drive an S450 and a C300 Convertible. (Noticing the Mercedes trend yet?)

I hold a personal pilot’s license. A friend of mine, who’s another doctor nearby, convinced me to get it. It has come in handy a few times.

What I Do at NCP
I came up with the idea for the company in 2016 and laid down the building blocks for it then. We started a low volume operation in 2020. Having been both a patient and a doctor by 2017, I felt that there are a growing number of patients who would benefit from more personalized healthcare delivery experience.

I’m still the founder, CEO, and managing partner for the company today. No plans to leave anytime soon!

What I focus on
Where to start? I mainly focus on full spectrum Primary Care, seeing everyone from prenatal to geriatrics. I’m also very experienced with acute and critical care. I currently serve as the chief hospitalist for NCP, an adjunct hospitalist for our contract hospitals, and see patients regularly in various urgent cares on non-NCP times.

I’m a proactive doctor. I prefer to prevent illness rather than chasing them. Quality of life is important to me as a doctor. I get less gratification from pulling someone back from the brink of death than I do preventing them from getting there in the first place.