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Collected Personal Data

We are only collecting enough data to be able to contact interested parties. While provided by the web host, cookies and technical data are only used for website functionality and not actively stored or used by Newport Concierge Physicians in any way. 

Purpose of Collecting Data

The purpose of this site is for parties interested in our current and upcoming services to request additional information while we prepare for the official launch of the new services. We are not storing any data more than what an interested party provides via our web form. We are not storing or using the data for any other purpose than to have direct contact with interested parties who have directly and intentionally shared their contact information with us because of their interest in our services.


As we are located in California, please note the following: We are not disclosing, sharing or selling any data collected via this site. It is for interested parties in our company and services only. If you wish to correct or delete any data previously shared with us, please send an email to

We do not currently serve EU countries.