Janet Lee, D. O.

What You Want To Know

What’s Interesting
I’m a seasoned sketch artist and designer who specializes in logos and cartoons. I designed the logo for the practice and our skincare line! I can create anything from whimsical to elegant and to professional.

What I do at NCP
I co-founded the company with Dr. Drew Nguyen and am a managing partner/board member for NCP.

What I Focus on
Having trained as an internal medicine physician, I am focused almost solely on preventive and primary care for the adult and geriatric patients. I do incorporate some older pediatrics into my practice. Like all of my colleagues in this practice, I believe in the value of preventing illness before they come about.

My Training Details

  • University of CA Berkeley
  • Medical School: Western University – Pomona
  • Residency: University of CA, Irvine, Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine