Nita Chen M.D.

Newport Neurology Associates

Dr. Nita Chen is a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders. Dr. Chen received her medical degree from Albany Medical College in 2017. She then completed a neurology residency at UC Irvine (2021) and a movement disorders fellowship at the University of Florida (2023). Throughout her training, she has developed a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia, and Deep Brain Stimulation.

What she loves most about these areas is how treatment and technology meet to provide an individualized plan. Dr. Chen uses her love of art to connect science with humanism and is known to use illustrations to demonstrate concepts of disease and treatment.

Outside of the role of neurologist, she enjoys gardening, making ceramics, and exploring local crafting festivities. In another life without being plagued by sea sickness, she would be a marine biologist. For now, she’ll settle for her cat (Glia) who is reportedly known to act like a shark at times. Or a puffer fish.

“Just like a beautiful alocasia cannot thrive without its supporting niche, good neurological care cannot exist without considering the individual as a whole in the context of the individual’s medical history, culture, and personal values.”